Online Safety


Keeping safe online is an important message that we regularly share with our children. 

Throughout their time at Cross Farm we will teach children to: 

  • Use technology safely and respectfully, keeping personal information private
  • Identify where to go for help and support when they have concerns about content or contact on the internet or other online technologies

The safe use of social media and the internet will also be covered in other subjects where relevant.
The school will use assemblies to raise pupils’ awareness of the dangers that can be encountered online and may also invite speakers to talk to pupils about this.

If a child is worried about something online or something involving you online, you can report it here: 


To support parents here are some useful websites and please look at our newsletter as once a term there will be useful hints and tips. 

Useful links

7 Conversation Topics - keeping your child safe online

What parents need to know about age ratings

NSPCC -Share aware. Help your child stay safe online

Own It - app to improve online wellbeing

The BBC has announced it will be launching an app to help improve young people's online wellbeing. The Own It app will be available in early 2019 and will use machine-learning to support young people beginning to use the internet and social media. Assistance for young people includes: considering how the use of certain words could be perceived by others; deciding whether to share personal information on social media; understanding how phone use late at night can affect wellbeing.

Further information click here

Childline has a new website for children under 12. You’ll find helpful info on things like: bullying, family, friends, feelings, school, abuse and staying safe.

Further information click here

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