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In accordance with the Kite Academy Trust's governance structure as defined in its Articles of Association, Cross Farm Infant Academy has a local advisory body, known as an Academy Council. The Academy Council is formed of Governors who volunteer their time to ensure the very best outcomes for all children at the academy and bring a breadth of experience and skills.

An Academy Council is constituted as follows:

1 Academy Head
1 Staff Governor
2 Parent Governors
4 Local Community Governors

The Academy Head is automatically a Governor by virtue of their position. Two Parent Governors are elected by parents of the academy and the Staff Governor is elected by employees of the academy. Local Community Governors are co-opted as necessary to provide the skills and experience needed by the Academy Council. In addition, the Academy Council may appoint other persons as Associate Academy Council Members to address any specifically identified skill gaps or to support any particular challenges that they may be facing. With the exception of the Academy Head, Governors serve a four year term and are eligible for re-appointment (subject to an election where necessary for Staff and Parent Governors). The positions of Chair and Vice-Chair are elected, and Portfolio Holders nominated, by the Governors on an annual basis.

The Academy Council meets a minimum of four times during the academic year. The primary purpose of the meetings is to review and discuss the Portfolio Monitoring Reports, identify any areas of risk to be reported to the Trust Board, and consider the medium and long-term strategic development of the academy.

The role of the Academy Council is:

• To ensure that the academy provides the highest possible level of education for all children;
• To ensure the safety and welfare of children and staff;
• To both support and act as a ‘critical friend’ to the Academy Head;
• To ensure that the leadership of the academy have high expectations for all children, including those with special needs;
• To ensure the curriculum is ambitious with appropriate breadth for all children in the academy;
• To ensure the Academy Improvement Plan delivers improvement;
• To ensure risk is both managed and reported to the Trust Board;
• To monitor the operation of the academy and to challenge constructively as needed
• To ensure that the academy has effective and appropriate systems and procedures in place;
• To monitor the designated Portfolios and review, discuss and report the findings
• To be accountable to stakeholders (Board of Trustees, parents, pupils, staff and local community)

Governors work in collaboration with the Academy Head and staff to monitor five specific areas (Portfolios) of the academy - First Class, Inclusive, Collaborative and Forward-thinking. The responsibility for monitoring each Portfolio is allocated to one Governor and, through agreed monitoring activities, the Portfolio Holder gains evidence at first hand of what happens in that area of the academy. Monitoring mainly involves talking to children and staff, visiting classrooms to see learning in action, and examining children’s work books and other documentary material. Governors also take the opportunity to talk with families at Parents’ Evenings.

Across the Trust, Academy Council Governors are invited to represent Portfolio Holders at Trust Board Committee meetings and work in collaboration with other Academy Councils to support the improvement, development and success of each academy in the Kite Academy Trust. Training opportunities for Governors are provided by the Kite Academy Trust.


For statutory Governor information and meeting attendance for the 2020-21 academic year, please click here.

For information regarding the governance structure of the Kite Academy Trust, please click here.

For statutory information and reports relating to the Kite Academy Trust, please click here.

Minutes of Academy Council meetings are available on request. Please contact the Academy Head in the first instance.

For any other information, or if you would be interested in becoming a Governor, please contact

Jen Knight

Jen Knight (Chair)




I became a governor to help ensure that Cross Farm is the best it can be, and that our children experience the best start in education that they can.  I am very proud to be working with an amazing team of staff and governors to help maintain and grow Cross Farm.  My role is to ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction for the school, as well as overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.  I lead on achievement, using my expertise in my working life – and a love of data - in this area to ensure the school is effectively supporting children’s education.

I have two children who have been through Cross Farm.  I have worked in the NHS in Berkshire since 2001 - my background is quality improvement.  I also run an electrical installation business with my husband, based here in Frimley Green.  Outside of work and school, our whole family are big fans of ice hockey.

Barry Meacher

Barry Meacher (Vice Chair)


Biography to follow

Grahame Sherwin

Grahame Sherwin


Having spent over 45 years in various IT roles across the globe I am enjoying a very busy retirement and am very pleased that, as part of that, I am a governor at the wonderful Cross Farm. I am presently responsible for monitoring the finances portfolio and also looking after the regular health and safety inspections across the school.  In addition to these activities I offer personal coaching as part of supporting the wellbeing of all staff across the school.  I have two grandchildren who have been through Cross Farm and have seen first-hand the well rounded education that this school provides for all the children who pass through the gates of this place.

Tristan Morris


Biography to follow

Anne Theobald

Anne Theobald


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