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Welcome to our new blog. I am delighted to start a blog about Cross Farm on our website. This will be an area where we discuss and share all the things that makes Cross Farm an exciting place to learn. 

A little bit about me.

I arrived at Cross Farm back in January 2019 as Deputy Head. The Academy wowed me from the start. They had built an amazing outdoor forest garden and I shared the same vision and beliefs for the education of children as the Academy did. 

Within 6 months I went from being the Deputy to taking on the Headship here and I couldn't have been more excited about leading this Academy. 

We started September 2019 with creating our new Vision and Values. This led to our tag line 'Opening the gates to a world of possibilities'. From here we created the plan for our curriculum. We wanted our main driver to be Outdoor Education. I started my career working in a school that was known for the incredible outdoor learning environment and curriculum and the team and I wanted to build on the strength here and develop this further to produce a fantastic outdoor learning environment and curriculum to match.

We found a quote that described how we feel about the outdoors '“The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky” Margaret McMillan (c 1925). 

We continue to strive for the very best for the children and have developed areas of the grounds during the past year. We created our amazing sensory garden in August 2020 and we are developing our Reception outdoor learning space to include a mini forest garden area where children can dig and explore whenever they want.

                                  Before                                                                After

20200821 081438       IMG 3244

I wanted to create a blog to capture our journey and to share with everyone what we do. I am passionate about children receiving a broad and balanced curriculum that equips them for life whilst ensuring everyday is a shared experience between adults and children filled with excitement, enjoyment, challenge, support and nurture. 

Our values run through everyone in the Academy; Making the most of everyday, being the best you and care for each other. I aim to share with you what these values look like in the Academy.

I look forward to sharing more of our Academy through this blog. 

Kind Regards


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