Our aim for PE at Cross Farm is to create a life long love of physical activity by providing a wide range of opportunities to explore new activities and to use different resources to help develop a broad range of skills. Alongside this we will promote the importance of eating a balanced diet and discovering what this actually looks like. Finally, we will also explore the positive impact exercise and healthy living can have on mental wellbeing.


At Cross Farm we follow the Get Set 4 PE scheme of work which provides us with a solid foundation for all of our learning in PE. Through a systematic progression of skills and knowledge all children are able to access the curriculum at an appropriate level with support and challenge for all abilities. Learning is broken down into separate units which allow children to consolidate their skills through a range of activities before culminating in a game or performance that allows the children to apply the new skills they have mastered.


By the end of our children’s PE journey through Cross Farm we aim for all of our children to have had a broad range of physical experiences that have inspired a love for physical activity and has instilled in them the value of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We aim for all children to be able to verbalize the positive impact exercise and healthy living can have on their bodies and also on their own mental wellbeing.

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