Humanities Curriculum Statement

Ensure that subjects have high status at Cross Farm Infants.
Critical learning is covered in depth and retrieval practise can take place where Teachers build on existing knowledge, repeated encounters and children can access this known as Fingertip knowledge for stickability.
History has a high-quality focus on topic and content choices were there is a balance of substantive concepts, core knowledge about the past and disciplinary about Historians investigate the past and discuss their findings.
Formative assessment is used to identify gaps in knowledge, substantive concepts knowledge and disciplinary knowledge. Summative assessments are in place.

Focus times in the champion your subject eg Black History month and Here We Are.
Geography - Progression maps are to show place, location knowledge, human physical and environmental knowledge and geographical skills and reflects the national curriculum aims, quality text used.
History – Progression maps are to show quality text used promote historical narratives and facts, vocabulary including change, similar, different, evidence and consequences of events, enquiry questions and ensure that teaching historical language that leads to discussion and how things have change. Questioning is to lead to discussion and encourage argument.
Progression maps to include opportunity for local links.
Teaching historical language to discuss change.
To promote disciplinary knowledge of geographical inquiry.
Access of up to date range of maps and atlases including Digimaps.
EYFS – Promote vocabulary re sense of place and expose range of places to create simple maps.
Field work is an interictal part and should happen on a regular basis.
Address misconceptions through History and Geography.
Scaffolded learning for SEN pupils.
History – Progression of chronological timelines are to be built from physical timelines to liner timelines were teachers key events covered in previous years.
History and Geography are taught through other areas of learning and through specific lesson.

Through evidence of learning ensure there is a progression of skills and knowledge evident.
Enquiry questions are based on how evidence is gathered.
Children use stem sentences to show critical learning is in depth and bank for fingertip knowledge.
Children are able to discussion when and how they found the details of historical events.

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