Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts Subject Curriculum Statement

At Cross Farm the children will experience a wide variety of creative opportunities techniques and media, enabling them to express their ideas and feelings, record their observations and develop their individuality, creativity, self-esteem and confidence. The Arts have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and lift our mood and wellbeing and develop the whole child.
We will explore the work of artists and craftspeople, designers and musicians and reflect upon them and appreciate their special talents and styles. We will help children learn about the different roles and functions of art, design and technology and music in their own lives and in different lives and cultures. They will also have opportunities to be part of Art, Design and Technology and Music projects within the local community.

At Cross Form we teach art through a skills development approach.
The children are taught to use a wide range of materials, tools and techniques and are provided with exciting experiences that influence them to produce creative and imaginative artwork. A clear progression of skills is developed across the academy. They are also taught about the work of a range of artists and designers both from now and through history, from the local area and worldwide.
In Key Stage One the children use sketch books to practise skills and develop their ideas. We believe that the outdoors has great value as an accessible and relevant resource for art and try to incorporate outdoor learning wherever possible.
In DT we teach skills and techniques which are developed throughout their time in the academy. We discuss health and safety and encourage the children to choose the appropriate tools for the task. The children are taught to use a wide range of materials and techniques to design and produce products with a clear progression of skills developing across the academy. Children have opportunities to discuss and critique their own and each other’s work to enable them to develop it further. Children use first hand experiences and real life situations to problem solve.
We teach the skills of music through the Charanga scheme which are singing, listening and responding, musicianship and composition and performance. We also provide opportunities for the children gain knowledge of important moments in the evolution of music and of key musicians and composers, in a range of genres and styles. Instruments are used within in Music lessons and are also provided in continuous provision both inside and outside. Children are encouraged to explore music through natural materials. We thread music into our daily routines as part of assemblies as well as the use of songs, chants and rhymes in other areas of the curriculum. We provide opportunities for children to participate in community events so that they feel connected to others and part of something bigger.
Children have the option to part take in Rock Steady where they can learn an instrument as part of a band. We have a school choir that children can attend and learn to sing together and perform a range of songs and artists.

We aim for pupils to leave Cross Farm:

  • With a love and appreciation for the Expressive Arts
  • Able to explore their ideas to express their individuality in creative and expressive forms
  • Show proficiency in a range of creative techniques
  • Able to follow a cycle of planning, making, evaluating and improving products that they make
  • Demonstrate a curiosity of how things work and problem solve
  • Show proficiency in a musical and performance techniques
  • valuate and analyse creative works using the language of the Creative Arts
  • Demonstrate their knowledge of artists, designers, craftspeople and musicians
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