Curriculum Information


We follow the National Curriculum Programme of Study for English in KS1 and Development Matters in EYFS.


Reading is taught through decoding and comprehension. Both of these are developed at the same time to support children with reading.
Children are heard to read by an adult weekly using our book banded schemes until they reach purple books. Once they are on purple book bands or above we move to look at more whole class reading to develop the comprehension skills and expose children to a higher level text.
We have a range of reading schemes that we use to support reading in the school such as Oxford Reading Tree, Alien Adventures and Project X.

Phonics is taught as discreet sessions across the school. In Reception children begin as a whole class and move to streamed phonic groups as appropriate. Across KS1 phonics is taught in streamed groups in Year 1 and this moves in to a SPAG focus when ready in Year 2.
We have created our own phonic scheme which incorporates appropriate phonic reading books for the children. We regularly assess the children and adapt teaching and plan interventions accordingly.

Comprehension is taught through dedicated reading sessions as well as whole class reading.

Please watch our video about Reading at Cross Farm here:


The whole school follows the Talk for Writing approach by Pie Corbett. 


SPAG is taught across Year 1 through the writing lessons and focuses on the key terminology the children need to know by the end of the year. In Year 2 the children have a dedicated SPAG session that focuses on teaching these core skills to support writing as well as it being part of the writing process. Weekly spellings are covered from Phase 6 to ensure spelling patterns are learnt.


We follow the National Curriculum Programme of Study for Maths in KS1 and Development Matters for EYFS.

Maths is taught through a mastery approach. All lessons start with a Real Life problem and the fluency, reasoning and problem solving are planned from this.
We use the White Rose Schemes of Work as a guidance to support planning.


We follow the National Curriculum Programme of Study for Science in KS1 and Development matters for EYFS


We follow Surrey's Agreed Syllabus for RE and Jigsaw for PSHE as well as following our school values.  

Foundation Subjects

We have progression maps for all of our Foundation Subject that outlines the objectives we will cover in each Year Group.

Further information regarding our curriculum is available from our school office or by talking to your child's class teacher

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