Curriculum Intent

“The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky” Margaret McMillan (c 1925)

At Cross Farm Infant Academy the curriculum is designed to: nurture independent, inquisitive and enthusiastic learners, encourage children to take measured risks when faced with a challenge, enable them to develop their emotional awareness and empathy and equip children for life.

Every child is recognised as a unique individual. We celebrate and welcome differences within our school community. The ability to learn is underpinned by the teaching of basic skills, knowledge, concepts and values. We constantly provide enhancement opportunities to engage learning, utilising the indoor and outdoor environments, and believe that childhood should be a happy, inquisitive and enquiring time in our lives where there are no limits to curiosity and there is a thirst for new experiences and knowledge.

Our outdoor environment is our largest classroom where children can have hands on, multi-sensory experiences. The outdoor environment is the foundation of our curriculum and every interaction with nature is seen as a learning opportunity.

Community involvement is an essential part of our curriculum as we invite the community in to share skills and expertise, enable children to take an active role in events throughout the year and form partnerships with local community groups.

Children leave the academy with a sense of belonging to a tightly knit community which inspires a lifelong love for learning.

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